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Civil Litigation in Mississippi

Hicks Law Firm, PLLC has an active and thriving legal practice with a convenient office location in Hattiesburg. We represent individual and business clients on complex matters of civil litigation in Mississippi.

Reported decisions

Our firm has a strong record of resolving our clients’ cases in a manner that effectively suits their legal needs:

  • Mark v. City of Hattiesburg, 219 WL 125656 (January 2019). One appeal of slander and invasion of privacy lawsuit filed against city.
  • Jones v. City of Hattiesburg, 2018 WL 3624978 (July 2018). Won partial dismissal of numerous claims against city alleging wrongful arrest.
  • Bolton v. City of Hattiesburg, 701 Fed. Appx. 370 (5th Cir. 2017). Won dismissal of discrimination lawsuit in favor of city.
  • Jones v. City of Hattiesburg, 2017WL194252 (Miss. Ct. App. 2017). Won appeal of suit against Hattiesburg by municipal judge for her firing.
  • O’Hara v. City of Hattiesburg, 222 So.3d 314 (Miss. Ct. App. 2017). Won appeal of negligence suit against Hattiesburg.
  • Cooper v. Sea West Mechanical Co., 219 So.2d 550 (Miss. Ct. App. 2017). Won appeal of wrongful death case against corporate client.
  • Harrison v. Town of Woodville, 196 So.3d 1121 (Miss. Ct. App. 2016)(Won appeal of lawsuit alleging negligence, assault and battery, and other claims against Town of Woodville).
  • Piercon Inc. v. Brierfield Ins. Co., 189 So.3d 1238 (Miss. Ct. App. 2016). Won appeal of case on interpretation of insurance policy.
  • Hinton v. Rolison, 175 So.3d 1252 ( App. 2015). Supreme Court remanded business dispute case to proceed in Circuit Court.
  • Ducksworth v. Rook, 2015 WL 3796065. Federal District Court ruled in favor of Hattiesburg Police Department on claims of constitutional violation.
  • Prestenbach v. Collins, 159 So.3d 531 ( 2014). Supreme Court ruled for purchaser who exercised option to buy real estate.
  • City of Natchez De Le Barre, 145 So.3d 729 (Miss. App. 2014). Successfully defended a municipality against a personal injury claim by discretionary immunity under the Mississippi Tort Claims Act.
  • TJ’s Western Ware, Inc. v. Ronald K. Jefcoat, No. 2011-CA-01490.  Won a Shareholders dispute involving unpaid corporate loans.
  • Donald Robohm v. Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC, No. 2012-CA-00419.  Won a construction workmanship case.
  • Delphi Oil, Inc. v. Forrest County Board of Supervisors, 114 So. 3d 719.  ( 2013).  Handled dispute between private oil and gas operator and local regulatory agency.
  • Restaurant of Hattiesburg, LLC v. Hotel & Restaurant Supply, Inc., 84 So. 3d 32 (Miss. Ct. App. 2012). Court of Appeals ruled in client’s favor and reversed judgment which pierced the corporate veil against a company shareholder.
  • Bluewater Logistics, LLC v. Williford, 55 So. 3d 148 ( 2011). Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed judgment for client in excess of $350,000 for shareholder ousted from close corporation.
  • Shotlander v. Evergreen Lumber and Truss, Inc., No. 2010-M-01089-SCT (2010). Represented construction company in interlocutory appeal which affirmed finding of personal jurisdiction over out of state defendant.
  • Roberson v. Mississippi Insurance Guaranty Association, No. 2010-TS-00286 (2010). Affirmed trial court’s prefiling injunction in favor of Mississippi Insurance Guaranty Association against pro se litigant’s abuse of process.
  • E.B. Distributing Company, Inc. v. Boudreaux, 2009-IA-01537-SCT (2009). Represented defendant distributing company in an auto accident and successfully reversed trial court’s grant of summary judgment on issue of liability.
  • City of Laurel Williams, 21 So. 3d 1170 (Miss. 2009). Obtained decision in favor of client municipality against wrongful death beneficiaries when appellate court reversed and rendered trial court judgment and held police officers’ actions did not rise to a level of reckless disregard.
  • Hartel v. Pruett, 998 So. 2d 979 (2008). Won medical malpractice for defendant physician.
  • Baggett Transportation Company v. Mississippi Guaranty Assn., 2006-CA-00679-Sct (2007). Won case for MIGA on issue of statutory guaranty coverage.
  • Hudson Palmer, et al. 977 So.2d 369 (2007). Secured a 10-0 decision by the Mississippi Court of Appeals affirming the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of an automotive repair shop, the shop’s insurer and the husband of the shop owner against the plaintiff, a customer of the automobile repair shop.
  • Magnusen v. Pine Belt, 963 So. 2d 1279 (2007). Successfully defended the owner of Burger King franchise sued by a patron who was assaulted in restaurant parking lot.
  • Aldridge v. West, 929 So. 2d 298 (2006). Successfully defended a municipality in a complex labor dispute.
  • Bradley v. McAllister, 929 So. 2d 377 (2006). Successfully defended a police officer sued for alleged misconduct in making an arrest.
  • Schepens v. City of Long Beach, 924 So. 2d 620 (2006). Successfully defended a municipality against claims by property owners who sued the city for personal injuries and damage to vehicles allegedly caused by the city’s failure to maintain the road to the owner’s property.

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