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Hicks Law Firm, PLLC maintains an active business law practice in Hattiesburg centrally located in South Mississippi. Our focus is to provide the most comprehensive and efficient legal counsel to both small and large businesses in the area.

We represent clients during business disputes, as well as provide counsel for other business matters that are more administrative and strategic in nature. We have a significant concentration in matters of business formations and shareholder disputes in Mississippi.

Commercial landlord & tenant disputes

Disputes that arise between commercial landlords and tenants can be economically challenging to both a landlord and a tenant. Both parties have a significant financial interest at stake, and efficient resolution is typically in everyone’s best interest.

We handle landlord and tenant disputes and aim for a speedy resolution without compromising any of our clients’ rights in the process. We seek to prove our clients’ claims and hold the other party accountable to the terms of the lease.

Contract disputes

An effective contract is one that should equally represent and provide mutual benefits to each party. In a competitive business environment, many contracts do not propose equally beneficial terms for each party.

Our firm is routinely engaged in contract disputes when the ramifications of an unbalanced legal agreement arise and cause ruinous consequences:

  • Financial damages
  • Performance disputes
  • Allegations of fraud and misrepresentation

We represent clients during active disputes and offer preemptive contract drafting and review contracts to remedy potential complications before they occur.

Transaction management

The cornerstone to business success is the ability to perform solid transaction management in order to provide a seamless exchange of services or goods and capital. Transactions can be vastly complicated, in terms of the legal responsibility that is governed by the plethora of interstate and even international laws that can apply to a single transactional exchange.

Our firm assists clients during the drafting of the initial contract exchange and afterward in the event that any complications should arise. We provide legal structure and guidance that aims to protect our clients’ property and maximize their financial gains.

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  • 5.0/5.0

    I include Mr. Hicks among those few lawyers who I would unhesitatingly refer a close friend or family member for legal representation. Top-notch in this area of Mississippi.

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    One of the most effective lawyers in our area.

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  • 5.0/5.0

    Clark Hicks enjoys an excellent reputation in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi legal community. He is a lawyer to whom I would not hesitate to refer one of my clients or one of my family members, and there are only a handful I would place in t...
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  • 5.0/5.0

    Mr. Hicks is an exceptional attorney who represents his clients zealously but always with professionalism and courtesy.

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  • 5.0/5.0

    An outstanding and highly respected advocate and litigator.

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