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Civil Litigation Law Firm in Hattiesburg

Legal representation for plaintiffs and defendants

At Hicks Law Firm, PLLC, our mission is to provide quality representation for individuals and businesses, both plaintiffs and defendants, in matters of civil litigation. We handle cases throughout central and southern Mississippi from our office in Hattiesburg. Our firm maintains a strong focus on several areas of civil law:

Big-firm skills, small-firm service

Our law firm strives to offer the best of both worlds to our clients: the sophistication, experience, resources, and skills of a big firm and the warmth and closeness of a small firm. Some larger firms may have a tendency to disconnect from their clients by passing cases to a legion of junior attorneys and assigning several attorneys to the same file when it is unnecessary. We get to know our clients on a first name basis and regularly visit with them, and each of our lawyers handles a case from beginning to end. One of our principal goals is to conclude every lawsuit in the way most beneficial to our client, which helps to minimize unnecessary delay and expense.

Insurance defense and commercial litigation

We specialize in litigation of many varieties with an emphasis on insurance defense and commercial litigation for both individuals and businesses. We normally defend cases, but on occasion, we will handle a claim for a client who has suffered damages and is entitled to compensation. We abhor frivolous suits, but we are also conscious of the need to preserve our justice system, including the freedom of all persons to go to court and seek damages. If you are a business or an individual being sued or you have a legitimate claim for which you are seeking damages, and the case is in central or southern Mississippi, we can either handle it or refer you to a skilled, competent attorney.

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